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This is a blog for all of my cosplay and stuff. I don't know what else to tell you.

I do take commissions, if you need something. Inbox me for further details

My main blog is The-Darkest-Shadow
Up for Sale: Older Hiccup cosplay


This post is a bit on the photo-heavy side (I took quite a few to get in details and things) so heads up!  

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This is the best use of cosplay ever.

The Rockets should use this as an advertisement campaign.


Tol, you need to see this. This is the epitome of childhood epicness.

I forgot to say here! I got a job at a fabric store! So now not only do I have income, I have a 30% discount! nOW I CAN MAKE MORE DISNEY COSPLAY HOLLA

Makeup test for male!Anna cosplay!! And I do have the white streak in the wig there I swear!

Started the back piece of embroidery on my male!Anna cosplay!

Anonymous sent: Bless you and every other amazing cosplayer out there who posts tutorials for those of us who aren't skilled enough to figure it out on our own. May you have a nice day, and may your paints always be the exact shade you want them to be!

Oh my goodness ;3; Thanks so much! I just hope my tutorials are of use to you!!

suicunesrider sent: hey there, I saw you guys at AniRevo, you were fantastic! I took some pics (though I bet a lot of other people certainly did the same thing.) Hadn't posted them anywhere though, because I wasn't sure if you'd mind or not. Do I have permission to do so, so long as I link credit back to your blog? Thanks again for the pic opportunity by the way~

Sorry this took so long to get back to you!!! suicunesrider

Its perfectly a-ok to post any photo of us! Im just so happy people took photos of us! 

Started my Male!Anna cosplay last night! I ran out of trim (leftover from my actual anna cosplay) and I need to go buy more! And fabric for the pants orz. But I have a whole group of both genders of Anna and Elsa! Its exciting!!!
I doodled out the embroidery designs too!

How to Hammer in Dritz Eyelets


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I actually really like my Elsa cosplay o m mmmgg…Picture source

I actually really like my Elsa cosplay o m mmmgg…

Picture source